In ‘culture,’ we take seriously questions of cultural production – including mediation, negation, representation, and imagination — in terms of reflections, deflections, and critiques of an ever-globalizing capitalism. Our journal seeks to understand critical tendencies and latent antagonisms of the contemporary period and its cultural imaginaries — drives and impulses that demand the cultivation of different modes of perception, interpretation, and resistance. We insist that we live in history; the present is a blind field.

Blind Field comes from a feminist-Marxist editorial collective based in Santa Cruz, California. We accept submissions of varying forms, word-counts under 4000, and topics that are in dialogue with the conceptual project of this journal. Please send submissions and inquiries to We seek submissions outside of academic genres. This journal is an all-volunteer project.

Co-Founders & Editors: Johanna Isaacson, Madeline Lane-McKinley & Kenan Behzat Sharpe

Managing Editor: Justin Hogg

Creative Advisors: Kyle Lane-McKinley, Janina Larenas & Nicole Trigg

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