Two years in…

This month marks Blind Field’s second anniversary as an online journal dedicated to thinking about the politics of culture, and refining a feminist-Marxist framework adequate to the present.

Our ambition throughout these years has been to develop and nurture intellectual activity outside the university, to be made useful in contemporary struggles. Over the last two years, we’ve published sixty-two pieces in a variety of genres, collaborating with authors and political projects from different places and social contexts. In this experience we’ve learned from comrades, forged new friendships, and engaged in important dialogues. We want to thank our wonderful contributors and readers for helping us not only sustain this project, but build on it. Thank you!

At the start of our third year, we’re finalizing our first manuscript for print, featuring new and extended material ranging from essays, poems, and aphorisms. Entitled End/And: Feminization in Unending Times, the collection deals with questions of apocalypse, anti-capitalism, and periodization under the working conditions and cultural imaginary of ‘feminization.’ 

Our editorial collective is expanding, and we are currently exploring ways to extend more support to our contributors. As a volunteer-project, Blind Field has survived in this horrible world through donations.

As always we encourage submissions, suggestions, and ongoing critiques of capitalism.


the Blind Field editors


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