Blind Field: A Journal of Cultural Inquiry

‘Culture’ is not a field from which to harvest examples and symptoms. ‘Culture’ does not merely illustrate theories of political and economic crisis. Instead, the historical juncture of late capitalism demands, as Fredric Jameson suggests, a “dedifferentiation of fields, such that economics has come to overlap with culture.” It is with the Cultural Turn that “everything, including commodity production and high and speculative finance, has become cultural… [that] culture has equally become profoundly economic or commodity oriented.” While the contemporary period remains structured by this logic, the study of culture remains subordinated to the study of political economy as the basis of anti-capitalist theory and practice. As cultural-materialists, we take up this subordination as moreover a feminist problem. It is precisely through the feminization of culture that these fields continue to be differentiated.

In ‘culture,’ we take seriously questions of mediation, negation, representation, and imagination. Culture not only reflects the totality of late capitalism, but deflects the antagonistic and critical tendencies of this period — drives and impulses which demand different modes of perception and interpretation.

The Blind Field editorial collective is based in Santa Cruz, California. We accept submissions of varying genres, word-counts, and topics that are in dialogue with the conceptual project of this journal. Please send submissions and inquiries to


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