To Our Readers

Dear friends of Blind Field

As the editors of Blind Field, we want to thank our friends and readers for all the strength and encouragement during our first year of publication. We want to also thank our writers and featured artists, as well as Janina Larenas, Nicole Trigg, and Kyle Lane-McKinley, for their creative and technical support. And we are excited to introduce our new managing editor, Justin Hogg, as we look forward to another year with this project.

The idea for our journal emerged from a writing group established in 2013. We frequently discussed our desire for more non-institutional hubs for radical intellectual engagement with questions of cultural production and imagination, social reproduction and materialist feminism, aesthetics and ideology, historical thought and inquiries into the present, and anti-capitalist theory and practice. In 2015, we began to define the journal and its particular project, and started to circulate early texts in late summer. Since then, we’ve collaborated with dozens of writers and artists, and published thirty-two pieces as an editorial collective. The journal has gained an international readership, and has been translated into Arabic, Bosnian, French, German, Slovenian, and Turkish.

In the next year, you can expect more from our ongoing series — Conspiracy, Dystopias, Horror, and Housework — and look for future Blind Field projects as we launch our upcoming series on Turkey, Affective Economies, and ‘Post-2011.’ We also plan to circulate our first printed issue, entitled “End/And,” which will feature new and re-published material. We ask our readers to help us with our first fundraising efforts, so that we can make this printed issue happen. Your support and engagement with our project means so much, and we’re looking forward to many years to come…

Thanks again for the love.

❤ ❤ ❤
the Blind Field editors

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